Powerfull GPS & fleet managment tools 

Fully Customizable to fit all your business needs!

Much more...
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Monitor your vehicles live 24-7

Complete details about vehicle activities

Sophisticated Dashboards

Compare Fleets Overspeeding ,Fuel usage , Home Vists , Clients Matrix and much more...

Performance Meters

Measure fleets Speed performance & Effeciency performance


Create specific routes and areas. Know when vehicles has enter and when vehicle has leave. 
Know how much fuel was spent inside and while outside.

Set other complex parameters to fit your exact needs!

Detail Reports

Detail reports about your vehicles Stops , Mileage , Speed , Alarms , Dumping , Geofencing , Client Visitation and much more...

What our clients say about us!

Paul de Kloet

General Director
Securitas Antias

The sophisticated features has really provided us with indept details about our fleet performance. Great Service and a very innovative company. Highly Recommended by us.

Kenneth Leung

IT Manager
Jansen De Jong

We enjoy working with this company. They are very attentive to our needs.They are continously upgrading to help us go to the core of our fleet operations. We recommend Carivee!

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